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What do you think?
Remain fully on FH
 7% [ 1 ]
Big Plots on Skype/Discord - Mini RP on FH
 93% [ 13 ]
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PostSubject: READ READ READ.   Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:55 am

So, it's come to my attention that due to FH's wonderful connection problems, schedule issues and much more-- that moving the bigger plots to either Skype or Discord is in serious consideration.

We wouldn't move the entire RP over there, seeing as I like to have visuals. moving avatars and group chat that FH offers. Not to mention using the Maps Rill has worked so hard on.

But in doing this, those who can't get online for big plot events, rps and so on-- could keep up on their phones. Or even RP from there. It makes it much more accessible-- plus the spellcheck, bold/italic options and fluid posting works wonders when it comes to RP.

We could even hop online to chat, get our surroundings, and then actually RP on Skype/Discord-- while still using the characters, maps and FH.

Elu is an RP that takes time and dedication, to the point where having it on just FH hinders it's progress as a whole. I suppose I just feel like it would work out better for everyone involved, in the long run.

I'm usually against Skype RPs myself, but Elu is worth it to me-- to further invest in.

So, in saying all that-- what do you all think?
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