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 Nasuada the stoned

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PostSubject: Nasuada the stoned   Nasuada the stoned I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2016 6:44 pm

- n  a  s  u  a  d  a -

                       --  " Dude, I'm /definitely/ not stoned. "

      i. t h e  b e g i n n i n g

       epithet, Nasuada Vasilligo Deadache
       has yet to be nicknamed
       internal clock has broken
       stench of cannabis & green tea

      ii. g o i n g  d e e p e r

        McKenzie valley wolf
        belongs to the deer totem
        afflicted with albinism & --

      iii. b l o o d

        daughter of Iolomae & Thialos Deadache
         sibling of four dead dogs
         bloodline has been slaughtered



 She was always a bit petite, a bit- weak. Looks more like a tall coyote rather then a the wolf she should. Worryingly thin, deep chested & wide hips. Her legs are exceedingly long and awkward, however she has little difficulty with maintaining a healthy gait. Has an extra toe on each of her front paws, uses the advantage of climbing and gripping.

  Very delicate facial features, the most prominent being her thin, visible cheekbones that give her face its unnatural beauty. Has a long, thin snout that sort of points down, branded with small, black freckles. Discolored lips, both a pale pink & shaded gold, they appear very puckered & bruised. Awkwardly large ears that often flop because of their softness, angular in shape- has a lot of hair coming from out of them that sort of block her hearing a bit.

 The content of her hair varies, as she herself likes to play with natural dyes and such. Her favorite color is purple, and often taints the ends of her untamed curls with a variety of berries. Though naturally pale & bland, she is actually a very colorful individual, and likes experimenting with her coat, which is very long and clean. Absolutely hates getting dirty, though keeping it in shape is always difficult because of its length.

 Hair style also varies, usually it is left alone and flowing- though sometimes she enjoys putting it up, or braiding it into dreads. Nasuada has a very long tail, despite her totem, and it was often gotten in the way of her movements.

                     p    e     r     s    o    n    a    l    i     t    y



  Nasuada is a very guarded wolf, because of difficult events in her past, she chooses silence over speech and has trouble expressing herself when needed.


  Unless she is high(which she usually is), her stoned façade falls way to the more antisocial Nas- though the instance is rare, she is often shy of tone and will try her best to avoid confrontation.


 Despite her shy heart, Nasuada has a very flirtatious side. Normally finding joy in cracking a suggestive joke here and there, or 'accidentally' becoming a bit close for comfort.

                                       lack of reality

Because of her years with natural drugs, Nasuada has become distant & seemingly emotionless. Uses her drugs as some kind of escape from the real life that awaits her after every high.


       natural hallucinogens
       close company [cuddles, ect.]
       small talk


        large crowds
        obtrusive fiends

                                h    i    s    t    o    r    y



         curious of

          bitch u dead

             ) tba with time
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Nasuada the stoned
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