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 Garth The Protector

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Name :: Garth Sayre
Gender :: Male
Age :: 2 1/2 years at the start of the RP
Totem :: Deer (Represents the Elk)
Birth:: December 17th
Kin :: Many siblings, but Bruin is remembered greatly
Orientation :: Heterosexual 
Status :: Single
Health :: Mental - 76% // Physical - 100%


Garth sports a long, elegant coat due to the fact he was born in December. 
His frame is large and muscular, long legs help his long strides. 
one of Garth's identifying traits in appearance are his elegant cheek fur that frames his face, and his light gray eyes. 
His fur a soft, dull tone of red/purple, a soft cream as his undertone. Sports the rack of an Elk.

↟ -VOICE- ↟

Garth's voice is deep, yet holds a soft demeanor; much like the voice actor of Roy Mustang (FMA)

↟ -TRAITS- ↟

+Good listener 
 +High endurance
+Good memory
+Great sense of direction 

- Too trusting
- Weak stomach

↟ -THEMES- ↟

Alibi - 30 Seconds to Mars

Sound of Silence - Disturbed

Slow Life - Grizzly Bear

Shattered and Hallow - First Aid Kit


Garth takes it upon himself to keep the regular peace between the factions, making sure all is well in the lives of his fellow guards of Elu. 
Besides, if they are all fighting, how could they possibly keep their sanctuary safe?


Garth holds a soft, yet serious tone. 
he tends to be somber and relaxed and holds no selfishness. 
Only in certain scenarios will he ever raise his voice to someone. Garth has the need to help, aiding in any possible field he can.
 It was no surprise that Garth would be dealt into the Deer totem, his peaceful way of life was obvious to all who knew him. 
His frame is larger than most in his faction, giving him a larger rack as well. 

↟ -HIS PAST- ↟

Garth was born into the pack of Castameir and into the family of Falkner and Irene Sayre. Seeing as his father was leader of the pack, Garth and his siblings were under strict rules and conduct. Most of the time Garth would have to protect his younger siblings from his fathers constant out lashes and mood swings.
Garth took a great liking to on of his siblings, Bruin. They did not share the same mother, but the same father, this didn't make them different from each other at all. Bruin wasn't much younger than Garth, and the two would be seen together almost at all times of the day and even night. Garth's mother Irene, tried her hardest to raise Bruin like her own, but would always held a deep, secret jealousy and dislike for he was of another women's flesh and blood.

When Garth turned 2 years of age, Falkner would send Garth to go aid in the defenses of their sister pack at the mountain pass. Alone. The journey would take a few days, but their allies were in need of help, so Garth would go where he was needed. Finally arriving at the mountain pass, Garth would hold some excitement to see the familiar faces he so rarely saw. Emerging from the thick brush, Garth's excitement  would turn to horror. The bodies of canines littering the crimson stained earth would forever be etched into his mind. His back legs would buckle and fall to the earth, his head hanging low as muffled cries would stifle from his lips. 


Lifting his head slowly, his ears perked at the soft voice that called his name. Cherrie, it was Cherrie. She had survived the onslaught. The only one to have survived it seemed. Removing themselves from the scene, the two young canines would head west for Castameir. They would never arrive, for something greater had pulled them from journey, and change their lives forever. 


1. "Look at that loser over there-- pathetic, right?"

"Why stoop to such name calling? I'm sure he is useful to the guard and aids us in ever cause. Next time think before you speak." 

2. "Why are you still awake? It's almost morning..."

"Ah, I guess I enjoy the sunrise a little too much. It's beautiful, is it not?"

3. "Hey-- can you help me, I think I'm stuck..."

"Of course! My my, how did you get yourself stuck in here? You must have been on a great search for something, hm? Here, let me help you."

4. "Yo! Assface! Yeah, you. You got a bone to pick, eh? 
Want to do something about it?"

"I have nothing to do with you sir/m'am, move along and stop with that insensitive name calling will you?"

5. "Can you.. hold me? I'm a bit.. scared of thunderstorms."

"Haha, I would be delighted to. Now, come here and use my body as your shield friend, I don't bite."
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Garth The Protector
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