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 Euphemia Grace

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"I'm not certain whether you'll be fine without me little one. Your cheery cheeks and soft paws always in danger of judgement. Please-even if I am forgotten by your eyes of honey-promise to remain safe and live for as long as you can..."

Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Totem: Deer
SO: Bisexual Demiromantic - no preference
Occupation: Guard of Elu
Romantic Interest: None


Tufts of fur the subtly drapes the cheeks just enough to give her face a soft, untainted look. Coral cream colored fur coated with areas of soft golden spots-near representation of a white tail fawn. To compliment the base coating along with the golden spots is a vanilla cream under coat. Though her front legs transition from the coral cream to this lighter undercoat, the hind legs are nearly all the lighter tone. A darker caramel brown gives highlight around the snout, front legs, and near the stomach and further. This gives a break to the two different fur colors. Paw pads are near a caramel brown as well. Her nose resembling a soft coral pink tone to top off her overall simplistic and warm colored design.

Legs are slender and defined by the light furred paws at the bottom while her body frame is sleek and reformed. Her tail is just slightly longer than a normal tail on a canine, as fur drapes just a bit further down near the back ankle joints.

Her facial features appear gentle with the help of almond shaped eyes, colored a hue of honey, complimented by soft caramel brows resting atop. The ears are slightly pointed at the tip, but fluffy. Between the brows is a distinct golden patch, which brings more aspect to the facial region.

Euphemia sports a rather long mane, curled and wavy. To add fines, two long strands of the hair are hanging at the side, braided to the rest of the mane by small yellow beads, and the other sides tucked beneath her bangs. The bangs part down the middle on the two sides, swooping along the sides of her ears. She will tend to wear some of the mane in an up-do and the rest loose along with the two drooping, tied, strands and bangs. Otherwise, you will find it down in that fashion.



There was a simple day where I walked the very earthy ground upon these paws that remain to carry me along. The forest misted with the presence of fog, and my mind crowded by naïve dreams and carefree thoughts. I wondered if I'd ever make it back home with what happened that day...

Some jerk-I won't mention the name-thought it'd be okay to mess with my little cheery cheeked Jin. You'd think I wouldn't forgive him but-for some reason, I forgave him just as easy as...lying to someone. He apologized and everything...even brought flowers to me-though I told him to bring them to Jin instead.

I could never...hold a grudge. Pointless, they are. It'd only hurt...


I never really spoke with anybody but Jin. I often keep to myself and find it respectful to speak only when spoken to-unless it's for consoling-then I wouldn't mind being a rebel and speaking beyond the point of return.

But...I find it a bit hard to speak with others. I rather enjoy the a way. It can be lonely, but it can be my way of defending myself from getting hurt. I don't want to hurt...though that feeling is inescapable in any realm of reality. A bit hard for me to share if my voice is regarded as low or soft-spoken.


It's hard to believe how many cruel beings there are in this world. I'd rather not say anything to those who speak in ill-will or something of the same concept. As well, I am careful with who I let in to my life. I can be trusting-but often times, I won't be.

I've been hurt before...this is what I was taught. The thoughts of what my life could have been like if I've known my real parents-no, my foster family loves me. A lot. But often...I wonder if trusting others somewhat is fair game at all.


I remember caring for a young swallow who broke its wing when it fell from its nest. I understand that others would see the helpless creature as a free catch of the day, if you will, but I felt genuinely sorry for it.

The bird seemed young-probably just left its mother to grow independent-but not quite there yet. It took at least two weeks, but the beautiful creature flew free from my back, and as it flew off, I smiled something unusual.


Flowers are an essential part of my life. They give splash of color and story to backgrounds-a feel of innocence. Whenever I am given a mind just goes here and there, and finds a focal point in an instant.

Give me a set of flowers to work with, and I'll have them arranged in an intricate floral design.


Curios || Unsure ||

Friend || Best Friend || Platonic Affection

Affection || Crush || Romantic Interest || Lover

Family ||

Fear|| Hate || Disgust

Mourn || Sympathy



Role-play Story


1. "Look at that loser over there-- pathetic, right?"

"Loser? ... All I see is someone who doesn't deserve to be insulted until they are judged personally through knowing them. Excuse me while I go and greet them."

2. "Why are you still awake? It's almost morning..."

"Oh...uh...I slept a few hours, and then woke up again. I couldn't sleep much after that. I'm a light sleeper."

3. "Hey-- can you help me, I think I'm stuck..."

"Oh, of course...I'll try my best to get you out of this mess...hold on."

4. "Yo! Assface! Yeah, you. You got a bone to pick, eh? Want to do something about it?"

"A bone to-pick? I'm not familiar with the term. And...please do take a more appropriate word choice there. That is very mean. Don't hurt my feelings now."

5. "Can you.. hold me? I'm a bit.. scared of thunderstorms."

"...Come here. It may not be much, but I hope my embrace will soften this fear in the moment and comfort you-at least somewhat. I don't want you to be scared."
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