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PostSubject: CHAPTER ONE   Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:51 pm

C H A P T E R - O N E

"They're coming."

[Faction War]

- The First Move.
 The first fight in the arena.

- Tension Rising.
 The food portions will become smaller each round.

- The Fight.
 Once the portions take a dramatic drop, things get nasty.

- The Aftermath.
 Training is over, and Sihu tries to explain her methods with another feast. One they actually deserve.

- Clean Up Crew.
 Everyone is pretty shaken/beaten from this training, and needs time to heal.

- The Peace Treaty.
 An agreement is made.

More will be uploaded once we have completed each sub-chapter. Want to see what's coming next? Check out the site, once we reach that sub-chapter it will be further explained.
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